PaPE 2021 will be the latest installment of the PaPE conference series, aimed at exploring different disciplinary approaches to all areas of phonetics and phonology, including interdisciplinary research which investigate the sound properties of language from multiple perspectives: neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics and speech technologies. This covers a variety of topics including: 

  • Tone and intonation 
  • Phonological theory
  • Audiovisual prosody and gesture 
  • Language development 
  • Linguistic typology
  • Language pathology
  • Language teaching
  • Speech Technology
  • Conversational Avatars

As such, PaPE strives to be a meeting place for researchers from different perspectives and methodologies to exchange ideas, promote further collaboration, and bridge the gap between these topics and disciplines.    

The Barcelona edition of PaPE in 2021 will be held virtually from Monday 21 to Wednesday 23 June 2021. In addition to the broad goals laid out above, this year’s PaPE will also have a specific scientific aim, delving into the topic of “Phonetics and Phonology: Real-world applications”. Therefore, while submissions related to any are of phonetics and phonology are welcome, we particularly encourage contributions dealing with –but not limited to– real-world applications of phonetics and phonology within the domains of acquisition and teaching research, multimodal communication, conversational avatars, and health and clinical research.